Logistics jobs provide the ideal professional setting for detail-oriented people who love finding solutions. 

The term “logistics” often interlaces with supply chain management. “Supply chain” refers to the many processes that companies use to gain a competitive edge. “Logistics” refers to a specific piece of that supply chain: Movement, storage, flow of goods, services, or even information.

Most logistics professionals will specialize in a certain industry or area. This often translates into skills and knowledge that allow them to take on consulting clients down the line.

A career in logistics can be very challenging, but it’s also very rewarding – both personally and financially. Here’s a list of the five top-paying logistics jobs in the industry.

Highest Paying Logistics Jobs

1. Distribution Center Manager

For larger companies, transporting goods from their original area of manufacturing directly to consumers who are sprawled across the country – or even the world – would be a nightmare. 

Instead, businesses use several hubs where products pass through, are organized, and moved to their next location. A distribution center manager oversees the meticulous organization required for this process to happen smoothly and serve customers effectively. The average starting salary of a distribution center manager is $80,000.

2. Configuration Analyst

This one requires specialization not only in logistics, but in the technical aspect of your specific industry. 

A configuration analyst oversees the changes in documents related to specific technical equipment. This can open the door for a more senior position (where you would establish protocols for changes instead of making them yourself). 

The average starting salary for a configuration analyst is around $80,000. However, that more senior position could easily see a salary of $120,000 or more.

3. Business Operations Specialist

If you have a logistics-related degree, a career as a business operations specialist could be the perfect path. A business operations specialist plans business strategies and negotiates with customs when it comes to international shipping issues. 

Additionally, they advise on security and determine the company’s environmental impact. This position has a starting salary of about $74,000. The well-rounded skills of a specialist lend themselves well to a future as a well-paid independent consultant.

4. Fleet Manager

A fleet manager oversees all vehicle-related issues. They are a key figure in any company, as they make sure every driver is able to get to their destination on time. 

From overseeing vehicle maintenance to ensuring the fleet is up to the Department of Transportation’s standards, this job is heavily administrative. Generally, the starting salary is around $71,000.

5. Landman

In relation to oil, gas, or mineral exploration, a landman works directly with landowners to discuss purchases, leases, or agreements for the company’s use of a specific piece of land. 

A senior level landman has the additional responsibility of working with all relevant government agencies. With an average starting salary of $52,000, a landman can work up to a senior-level position for an average pay of $112,000/year.