Data analyst salary depends on a variety of factors including job title, industry, and geographical location. However, what is consistent across each of these factors is the demand for skilled analysts.

People have amped up their production of data exponentially, whether it is through emails, text messages, YouTube videos, or other technological components. And now, businesses and marketing experts want to understand what that data is saying.

For the most part, data analysts come from a background in math, statistics, or business. They use programming languages like SQL/CQL, R, Python, and more to find key insights hidden in large data sets. 

They turn these insights into visual presentations or written reports. And while the typical data analyst salary is nothing to scoff at, lots of data analysts will continue to broaden their skill set so that they can go on to become data scientists or data specialists – positions that can pay much more for the extra degree of understanding.

Entry-Level Data Analyst Salary

Wondering what you could make as a data analyst in different industries? From advertising to health care, this list gives you the basics you need to know!

Business Analyst  

A business analyst compiles data insights to make business recommendations. Entry level salary is $54,700 – $69,000.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts use financial data to predict company performance and analyze trends to create financial forecasts.

Entry level salary is $52,700 – $66,000 with up to $50,000 in bonuses and commission.

Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst examines sales, competitors, and customer service to predict how a product or service might fare in the market. Leads segmentation, targeting, and positioning efforts are important aspects of this position. Entry level salary is usually $51,000 – $65,000.

Health Care Data Analyst

A health care data analyst manages analytics within the hospital itself. They also ensure efficiency of administrative tasks and business operations. Entry level salary ranges from $46,000 – $80,000.

Data Analytics Consultant

Data analytics consultants advise several companies, instead of working as an in-house analyst. Responsibilities could include examining data capabilities, creating reports, or suggesting improvements. Entry level salary ranges from $58,000 – $112,000.

Options for Data Analysts

The term “data analyst” describes a very broad set of skills – skills that can often end up under another (better paid) job title. For example, transportation logistics specialists optimize transportation routes and make around $79,000/year. Digital marketing managers help companies to acquire new customers and track advertising efficacy ($73,000/year).

Operations analysts help businesses to streamline their process internally, and while the pay starts at around $54,000/year, there’s a huge potential for increased earning at more senior levels. 

IT systems analysts require a bit more tech-related knowledge, but the custom tools they create and the workflows they implement allow for a higher starting salary of around $68,000.

Increasing Your Salary as a Data Analyst

Looking for ways to increase your data analyst salary outside of your job? Here’s three hints on how you might do it.

1. Expand Your Skill Set

Expanding your skill set can really bump up your earning potential (think six-figure salaries). This could mean pursuing another degree or certificate. It could also mean learning to use different software and tools.

2. Choose Your Location Carefully

Companies in big cities pay more (think Chicago, NYC, etc.). However, living in those cities costs more.

If relocation is in the cards for you, consider whether the higher pay will make up for the higher cost of living. Remote jobs might pay less, but if travel or living in a cheaper location is your ideal, then the “pay decrease” might not be a negative after all.

3. Extra Experience

Along with expanding your skill set, taking on freelance projects is a great way to pack in some more knowledge and experience. Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, and Kaggle are all freelance sites that can provide resume-boosters to get you to more senior positions (and a higher base pay) faster.