The Best Gig Jobs to Pocket Some Extra Cash in 2021

Looking for the perfect side hustle? Gig jobs are becoming ever more popular, especially as more and more people are finding creative (or even fun) ways to supplement their income. 

Here’s a few of the best gig jobs to get the ball rolling.

Facebook Ad Manager

Helping small businesses to turn their rarely used Facebook page into a powerful marketing tool is a great way to bring in extra income (and to get referrals for new clients). 

After setting up their ad system, this gig usually only requires about 2-3 hours a week per client – and you can make around $1,000-$1,500 per client each month!

Virtual Assistant

A fantastic gig if you have experience in HR, executive assistance, admin, or project management, becoming a virtual assistant will not only allow you to work with amazing clients, but it often pays a pretty penny. 

Depending on the needs of your client, you’ll be doing anything from bookkeeping to email correspondence and you may even get to do event management and social media content creation!

Grocery Shopper

You can make $15-20/hr working for Instacart or Shipt and doing someone else’s grocery shopping. All you need is a vehicle, a smart phone, a clean driving record, and a background check.

Food Delivery

Did you know that you can work for DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub simultaneously? Simply pick up the order that’s closest to you or pays the most money. Also check out our post detailing what it’s like to work for DoorDash vs. Uber Eats to help you decide.

You can usually make around $15-20/hr and rack up some extra cash during the lunch and dinner time rush. It’s the perfect way to get paid for listening to podcasts

Rideshare Driver

This is a great option for people who love to be social (or if you’re the type to “go for a drive” for fun). While it’s a bit less on the pay – generally $10-15/hr despite what rideshare apps might advertise – it’s a great way to make money from your car and is a gig job that doesn’t require much in the way of prerequisites or specific skills, provided you are a safe and reliable driver. 

Whether you drive for Uber or Lyft, you get to set your own hours and can start working at any time.

Creative Gig Jobs

There’s a ton of things that you can do if you’re a creative person and have developed your creative skills over time. You can find lots of potential gigs on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr and apply for the ones that catch your fancy and pay a solid rate. 

Check this list for a few quick ideas:

  • Web developer (front-end, back-end, or coding)
  • Freelance writing (ghostwrite novels or help small businesses compose eye-catching emails)
  • Proofreader (for those who truly love the craft – and rules – of writing)
  • Video editing ( wedding videos, YouTubers ready to outsource, and online course creators)
  • Sound designer (help podcasters insert jingles, sound effects, ads, and intro tracks)
  • Freelance artist (head over to Etsy and start selling your work with their easy setup)
  • Course creator (if you’re an expert, you can become a Skillshare teacher)

Physical Gig Jobs

Want to squeeze in some exercise and make some cash? Pet sit on Rover and enjoy walking furry friends, become a landscaper by handing out flyers in nearby neighborhoods, help people move with Dolly or Bellhop, or be a “Tasker” on TaskRabbit and do anything from assembling IKEA furniture to cleaning to running errands (for some pretty competitive pay, too!).