DoorDash Driver or Uber Eats Driver? A Gig Job Showdown

Looking to become a DoorDash driver or Uber Eats driver? Third-party delivery services have seen a huge boom in the past year as consumers tried to find safe ways to support their favorite restaurants and go “out to eat” while staying home.

We all know that DoorDash and Uber Eats are the two major players in the game, but who do you want to work for? Here’s the quick side hustle comparison you’ve been waiting for!

Delivery Methods

Both companies allow drivers to deliver via car, bike, scooter, or motorcycle.

You might want to note which shops, grocery stores, restaurants (local and chain), and convenience stores partner with each app. Some restaurants are affiliated with one and not the other.


Uber Eats drivers can begin working at any time.

a DoorDash driver (AKA “Dashers”) can schedule hours up to a week in advance. They can also pick up an order anytime that they’re free.

Becoming a DoorDash Driver vs. an Uber Eats Driver:  Requirements

DoorDash requirements that must be met include:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance
  • Can use a car, scooter, bike, or motorcycle to deliver
  • Three years of driving history (more than three minor moving violations could make you ineligible)
  • Background check
  • Must complete an in-person or online orientation

Uber Eats requirements include the following:

  • One year of driving experience
  • Valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance
  • Legal driving age + one year of driving experience for cars, 18+ for bikes, 19+ for scooters
  • Background check
  • Car model that is 15 years old or newer

Depending on your age and driving history, one may stand out more than the other.


Neither app pays an hourly rate; instead, they pay by delivery. Both services allow drivers to keep 100% of their tips.

Uber Eats calculates the pay of a delivery based on the distance traveled and the delivery fees for the customer. You earn more during “surge zones” in which there’s a high quantity of orders (think dinnertime, Friday night, etc.). And, of course, any tips you might get are added to this amount.

Similarly, DoorDash’s formula consists of the “base pay” (time, distance, and desirability), while adding on “promotions” (“peak pay” and challenges), along with tips. Peak pay is similar to Uber Eats’ “surge zones.” During these times, you will be paid an additional $1-4 per delivery.

The primary difference in these formulas is DoorDash’s occasional use of “Challenges,” which will encourage you to complete a certain number of orders in a set time to receive a bonus.

In the end, drivers for both services make about $12-15/hr.

Both pay via direct deposit to your bank account weekly. You can get your cash instantly from DoorDash with Fast Pay (with a $1.99 charge each time). Payments for Uber Eats are done through Instant Pay (with a $0.50 charge each time) or with their Uber Visa Debit Card (no charge).


Uber Eats has recently expanded to cover 70% of the U.S. and is available in over 6,000 cities across 45 countries.

DoorDash is available in over 3,300 cities in the U.S. alone and has Dashers in some areas of Canada and Australia.

For the most part, you’ll simply need to see which app provides delivery in your city.

Fun fact: You can work for DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Instacart – and then pick up orders from the app offering the most money or the one that’s closest to you. And even though Uber Eats owns Postmates, you can still deliver for both.

Taxes and Vehicle Maintenance

DoorDash drivers and Uber Eats drivers must withhold and file taxes as independent contractors. Additionally, you will be responsible for the wear and tear that being a driver causes for your car, bike, or scooter.

Final Thoughts

Both of these apps offer similar services and pay their drivers very similar wages. Your best bet? Drive for multiple apps and take the best deliveries you can… and maybe grab yourself an order of fries while you’re out!