4 Unusual Career Ideas for Adventurous Job Seekers

Career ideas abound for most people. For the vast majority of job seekers, finding steady employment with opportunities for growth, a nice benefits package, and maybe even a company retreat, is the goal of any job search. As long as they can find the best way to maximize their skills and earn a respectable income, they are happy.

Not everyone feels this way, though. For some, the thought of “settling down” to a sensible career is the last thing they want to do. If you are one of these adventurous job seekers looking for unusual career ideas, we have just the list for you. Here are four unconventional career paths – guaranteed to fill your days with excitement, and maybe give you a story or two to tell your friends at happy hour.

1. Dating Profile Ghostwriter

If you have a background in creating writing and think you can design the perfect profile, this career idea is for you. There is a high demand for innovative and charming profile ghostwriters. This is because the online dating scene can be highly competitive, and many users either don’t have the time or the talent to make their profile shine.

That is where you come in.

As a professional dating profile ghostwriter, you are essentially the brand manager for your clients. You will create a winning profile, send and receive messages, and constantly communicate on behalf of the client. 

Of course, this is not as simple as it may seem. You must capture your client’s authentic style and voice – yet also create a profile that attracts potential matches. If you can straddle that line and write great content, then this could be your calling.

2. Computer Hacker

Second on our list of career ideas is Computer Hacker. If you are skilled in software development and coding, then you may find a lucrative job waiting for you as a computer hacker. Although many people think hackers only commit nefarious or illegal acts, in fact many companies hire hackers to test their software for vulnerabilities and flaws. 

As a “white hat hacker,” your job will be to test each aspect of a company’s security and data software. In short, you are trying to break into their most secure areas. Once you do that, you make recommendations to their team for improvements.

This is a great opportunity for computer software engineers and coding experts who love to solve challenging puzzles. Each day will be a new opportunity to help small and large businesses stay protected against cyberattacks.

3. Voice-Over Actor

If you have a particularly melodious voice, you should consider a career as a voice-over actor. With so many companies now using short explainer videos and animation on their websites and social media pages, there is a tremendous need for reliable, recognizable voice actors to become the voice of the brand.

And with sound equipment and recording software more affordable than ever, most of your voice-over work can be done remotely, allowing you to work from the comfort of your own home or private studio. 

If you are a strong writer, you can also create your own content for health and wellness apps such as Aura or Headspace, developing mindfulness and meditation audio, sleep stories, and much more.

4. Barefoot Bookseller

Okay, we admit it: Even for us, this is a bit “out there.” To become a barefoot bookseller is essentially to throw caution to the wind (and all your belongings in a single suitcase) to go live on an island for 3-6 months, recommending and selling books at a local bookstore while maintaining a blog of your adventures.

If you want to live in paradise, interacting with tourists all day and reading great literature, check out this link to find out when they are hiring next: Barefoot Bookseller.

And when you get the job, don’t forget to thank us!